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Experimental Results (Examples) for Set 01

  1. Darren Troy (The University of Auckland, October 2007): Dense depth maps calculated by applying dynamic programming on the Dancing-Light and Intern-on-Bike Sequences, using a double-propagation strategy.
  2. Dancing-Light sequence frame 123 Dancing-Light sequence frame 234 Intern-on-Bike sequence frame 129
    Original image
    Gray scale depth map
    Overlay representation

  3. Shushi Guan and Reinhard Klette: Belief-propagation on edge images for stereo analysis of image sequences, October 2007.

  4. Construction-Site sequence frame 1 Belief Propagation stereo result enhanced by sobel sharpening

  5. Xuan Guo, Zhongxia Ma, and Hao Xue (The University of Auckland, October 2007): Video representation of 6D results on the Intern-on-Bike Sequence.

  6. Download the video.

Last edit: 28 August 2008