Panoramic Imaging

Sensor-Line Cameras (SLCs) and Laser Range-Finders (LRFs)

A few selected animations



Kehlheim (using LRF

and rotating SLC)

Sample (using an LRF,

meshed and shaded data, w/o


Same data as above; the animations illustrate three steps:

(1) the shaded model

(2) use of gray-value texture as available from LRF

(3) use of color texture (from rotating SLC)

Throne room, Neuschwanstein, Germany

(after some mesh repairs and some manual adjustments)


Use of an airborne SLC (push-broom principle)


The digital surface model (DSM) is created with

a Semi-Global-Matching algorithm

as designed by H. Hirschmüller; see


Use of an airborne SMC (sensor-matrix camera)

Left: DSM

Right: textured DSM from a different perspective

(by courtesy of Heiko Hirschmüller)

Use of an airborne SMC (sensor-matrix camera)

(by courtesy of Heiko Hirschmüller)